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Hi Eva and Anette, thank you again for your efforts to make this trip unforgettable, you really succeeded in doing it, as well as in writing the report. I have fond memories of this beautiful week and if I will come back on the Camino (which I will definitely do), I'll get back to you. Best greetings from Ridnaun in South Tyrol, Karin (24/04/2013)

Dear Eva, I have just got around to thanking you for everything you did for us. You made a significant contribuition to us having an unforgettably good time. On the additional trips in the afternoon I had the opportunity to see and get to know a little bit of the country other than the St.James Way. Maybe it was not the last time I went on the St. James Way. Some day, I might come back again – well, at least I hope that it will happen. Thank you again - and best wishes also to Anette. Greetings from Latsch, Veronika (06.04.2013)

Dear Eva, I read with interest your report on our “Two Seasons on the St. James Way”. It was a nice tour. But for me, the trip to Cape Finisterre was the absolute highlight, with a picnic at the sea in beautiful weather. The “empanada” you brought along, filled with queen scallops, was delicious, and I highly recommended it. On our way back along the coast, you showed your enthusiasm for Galicia. Eva, thank you for making this great trip happen and for showing us so much. Warm greetings, Helene. (26/05/2013)

Hi Eva and Anette! The third part of your travel report is well done. You can tell that it gives you joy to capture the walks and experiences you had ??with us, in writing and pictures. With joy and satisfaction, I often think back to this week. I hope that I come back to Santiago again, because I would like to see Finisterre, as well as other places. Keep it up. Greetings from sunny lowlands in South Tyrol, Cinzia (26.04.2013)

"Our Camino from Burgos to Santiago guided by Eva and Anette was great and unforgettable!" Gerhard and Waltraud

Dear Eva, dear Anette, I would like to thank you both for your tireless effort to make this trip a beautiful one. To me, you are the world's best, most cool-headed and likeable tour guides. Thank you very much, I hope your boss knows how great you are. Your M.

Dear Eva and Anette, thank you very much for the nice and very well organized trip. We enjoyed this holiday very much - maybe we'll meet again on the Camino del Norte! All the best to both of you from the bottom of our hearts! Monika and Michi

Thank you for these beautiful, unforgettable days on the Camino from León to Santiago. And special thanks to Eva and Anette for their guidance and great support. Thanks to Barbara and Lilli for the camaraderie and the fun we had. J.

"The journey is the rewardl!" Thanks to your support, Lilli and I were able to finish the Camino in a happy, healthy, and satisfied way, in Jutta's company. Thank you both for the kind, loving, and cheerful care of Lilli. You are a good team. Lilli and I wish you "happiness and success" in your life. We would be happy to meet you again in the Eifel Region, our home. Best wishes, Bärbel and Lilli (11 years old)

Thanks to Eva's allround abilities (control chaos, drive a van with trailer, repair bikes, exemplary customer care), this bike trip on the Camino will remain in my son's and in my mind forever. Eva, all the best to you, Josef

A wonderful way comes to an end! Thanks to both of you for your great commitment. When we found the way back to the route, we realized: "Even the right way often goes uphill!" Joseph, Herbert and Wilhelm

Hello Eva, thanks for your quick roadside assistance and the good tips during this trip. I enjoyed this trip very much. Martin

Hola Eva, thank you very much for the pick-up service from Bilbao Airport. Also thank you so much for your commitment on this trip and the good organization when we checked in at our hotels. Have fun on your future travels. ¡Hasta luego! Daniel

Dear Anette, many, many thanks for the great tour guiding on "our" Way of St. James from Pamplona to Santiago. We learned a lot: for example, women can find their way without a navigation system! It was a great time at best Spanish weather. Keep going, you are the best! Ingrid

Dear Anette, this was a very special „reise“... mostly within myself... I have recognized many things in myself... to trust in myself... work as a team even when it means trusting in others. You made this journey very special „thank you“!! I wish there were more people like yourself – you gave 200%, were always there for us, encouraged us, made us laugh. Debbie

Hi Anette, Hi Eva, I'm glad I was able to meet you a second time. Like the last tour, this one was great and I am proud I made it to Santiago. The weather was great, with a small sample of rain. Who knows if my health allows me to meet with you a third time? Wishing you lots of fun and all the best! Uli

Hi Eva, thank you so much for your good advice and your guidance on this tough 'way'! I absolutely loved it. Please let me know when you are offering a new trip. Margit The trip could have been also started in France...

Dear Eva, dear Anette, thank you for all the loving care. It was a great, exciting tour! See you again soon! Michael, Johanna, Gaby

Dear Eva, since last Monday you have been accompanying our bike trip to Santiago. We thank you for your helpfulness, kindness, and cultural tips. We wish you all the best for your future. Brigitte and Willi, Maria, Eva, Reka, Rosmarie, Jochen

Dear Eva, thank you a thousand times for your great tour guidance in Barcelona or let's say “muchas gracias”!! Marion, Brigitte, Karin, Annette, Ulla

Dear Eva, we had a wonderful, very intense time on the Camino! Thank you for your support, help and comfort! Susanne, Lisbeth, Berta, Jörgen, Mary, David, Reinhold

Dear Anette, thank you so much for all of your kindness on our wonderful trip! You are the best guide we have had and we know you will do well in your business. The best of luck to you and your partner in the future. Steve and Eileen

Dear Anette, I thank you for your patient and cheerful care on this beautiful journey. I wish you many interesting encounters with people and places! Gracias por la vida - sings Mercedes Sosa. See you again! Carola 10.04.2012

Dear Anette, we want to thank you so much for the professional organization of our mixed group. Your daily tips were helpful, and, thanks to the great "on the road" service, we did not get stuck. :-) Your tooting blue van was always a cheerful companion. It was a great cycling holiday. Thanks, Susanne and Yvo

Thank you - Danke schön - Tussen takk for Stavanger Aftenblad tour from Rabanal to Santiago (22/6-1/72011) - Norwegian travel group

Dear Anette, an angel came without wings, God took you as a messenger. You were our angel, not only during our tour we did together, but also yesterday when we did not know how to go on. We will never forget you and this pilgrimage. Many, many thanks and may all of your and Eva's wishes come true. I hope we'll meet again. Thank you, Ingrid and Ulli

Dear Eva, you guided and supported us just perfectly. Thank you. ¡Gracias! Maria, Birte, Claudia and John, Elke, Manfred, Sigrid, Birgit, Petra, Heidi, Michael, Leo, Sigrid, Concepción

Dear Anette, we thank you for your wonderful tour guidance! You solved all problems just perfectly and always kept a clear head! All the best for your future! Claudia, Anke, Uli, Heidi, Reiner, Antoinie, David

Dear Eva, we would like to thank you for unforgettable days on the Camino de Santiago (autumn 2012). With your qualified and kind way, you turned this trip into a fantastic experience. Your seven enthusiastic pilgrims: Ingrid, Barbara, Siegfried, Karin, Gerda, Jürgen, Mith

Dear Eva, thank you for guiding us safely from O Cebreiro to Santiago. With you, we did not only ge to know the Camino, but also so many other things connected with this country. Thanks to your explanations, we can “take home” a bit of the culture, history, taste, language, and last but not least, of the beautiful nature. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts. Angelika, Inge, Reinhard, Astrid

Dear Eva and Anette, you were always ready to help us, always there when we needed you, and were never in a bad mood, a masterpiece. These small things, many people take for granted, we appreciated them very much. Big hugs from Brigitte and Rudolf

Eva and Anette, all information was super detailed. There is no way to describe the hikes better. Keep it up! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that more people wish to come to Galicia. And I will tell at home how much I loved it. Since I did not manage to do all sights of my itinerary, I will certainly come back again to Noia. Muchas gracias y un fuerte abrazo, Elke

Dear Anette, thank you for your loving and professional care on this great journey. I wish you all the best for your Camino here in Spain with your girl-friend. Perhaps, life will take us again on a common Camino one day. Un abrazo con cariño, Werner

Dear Anette, thank you so much for your mindful guidance and the information package you prepared with great commitmet and love of detail. They helped us a lot to discover beautiful Galicia with all its facets. Thank you also for allowing us to keep the bikes until we left for home. Best regards, Gaby and Franz

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