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Among dolfins

November 29, 2015. First Advent, bright blue sky, 19 ° C. We are going on a boat trip to see the mussel rafts, which are lying by the hundreds in the estuary of Arousa off the Galician coast. - Suddenly, we find ourselves among dolphins. There are about thirty bottlenose dolphins swimming right beneath us. They seem to have real fun and some are jumping high out off the water. We often see dolphins off the Galician coast, but we have never seen so many dolphins at a time, nor have we ever seen them that close. What a great experience!


1800 mussel rafts are lying in the estuary of Arousa.
One mussel raft feeds one family.
Up to 360 ropes are hanging from each raft.
These are scallop shells.
Sea gulls accompany our trip...
... and fly nice formations.
Suddenly we see...
... the first dolphins.
They are everywhere,
and are heading for our boat,
and swim right beneath us.
They seem to have a lot of fun.

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