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Special tours in Galicia and Northern Spain
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Upcoming trips

In this section, we'd like to let you know about our upcoming tours. Some travel ideas, we toss about in our minds, while others are already being forged into concrete plans.

Our upcoming trips:

  • Camino de Santiago in Winter - guided hiking tour from Januar 15 - 25, 2016 - ready to book
  • Self-guided Camellia tour with guided garden visits - ready to book
  • For wheelchair users: Discover Galicia - self-guided tour with rental car - ready to book soon
  • Travel with your dog: Discover Galicia, self-guided tour with rental car - ready to book
  • Wine, ham, and olives - Hiking in Extremadura 
  • Camino de Santiago with detours - guided hiking tour
  • Spanish, Wine, and Hiking - Holiday in Spanish, guided tour - planned for Sept./Oct. 2016




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